Using Space on Our Campus

Our Commitment

We are steadfastly committed to promoting the First Amendment right to free speech and expression on our campuses. Encouraging individuals to share their varying thoughts and perspectives enriches the university environment and can allow community members to experience new ideas. 

The university has spaces available for use for speech and expressive activities. While free speech activities may take a variety of forms, specific information about how to reserve university spaces for discrete activities and events is outlined below. Additional information is available in the University Space Rules.

Space for Available for Reservation

The university is comprised of spaces that may be reserved for holding events (defined as activities where the user expects sole usage of the space or likely to be a gathering more than 100 people or activities that require physical set-up of equipment, signs, or other structures) by registered student organizations, students, faculty, staff, and non-affiliates (defined as any person who is not any of the following: a student, officer, employee, Trustee, or emeritus of the University) for the support of the University’s mission, administrative functions, or campus activities.

In these spaces, the university may require reasonable time, place and manner limitations be placed on usage to ensure that the usage does not disrupt the university’s mission, administrative functions, or other campus activities.

How to Reserve University Space

The university allows designated outdoor and indoor space to be reserved for events consistent with the university’s teaching, research, and service missions, administrative functions, and students’ campus-life activities. Reservations for these spaces are processed on a first-come, first-served basis with priority given to university departments, registered student organizations, and other official university functions. Reservations are non-transferable and the university reserves the right to reschedule events consistent with these rules.

Reserving space for events occurring in or on university space should proceed as follows:

  1. Registered Student Organizations – Registered student organizations must submit requests through the Office of Student Life Outdoor Events. Registered Student Organizations sponsoring visits from political candidates or surrogates must also comply with the Protocol for Visits by Political Candidates or Surrogates Sponsored by Registered Student Organizations
  1. Students, University Departments, Faculty, Staff and Non-Affiliates – Students, university departments, faculty, staff and non-affiliates must submit requests through the University Registrar Scheduling Office.

Additional information on use of university spaces is contained within the University Space Rules.

Our Support Team

The Ohio State University relies on a team-based approach to supporting the needs of students and others who choose to exercise their First Amendment rights on our campuses. This team helps to provide support and resources as needed to the university and broader community, as well as respond to inquiries regarding the university’s processes. Depending on the specific issues involved, this team may include representatives of the Office of Student Life, the Office of Academic Affairs, the Office of Human Resources, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, the University Registrar, the Department of Public Safety, the Office of Administration and Planning, among others as appropriate. If you have specific questions regarding resources or appropriate contact points, please reach out to:

  • Registered Student Organizations: the Buckeye Event Network at 
  • Students, University Departments, Faculty, Staff and Non-Affiliates: University Registrar Scheduling Office at